Week 8 Games Below

DivisionDateTimeHome TeamAway TeamFieldTeams Bye
Tinymite10/14/179:00 AMVikings TM               19Jaguars TM           0Portlock PrimaryRaptors STM
9U10/14/1710:30 AMCougars 9U               0Hokies 9U             33Portlock PrimaryColts STM,7U, 14U
8U10/14/1712:00 PMColts 8U                    6Sundevils 8U         0Portlock PrimaryHokies STM, 7U
9U10/14/171:30 PMColts 9U                    12Vikings 9U            14Portlock PrimaryCavaliers STM,JM,6U,8U,
11U10/14/173:00 PMSundevils 11U          13Raptors 11U           0Portlock Primary9U,10U,11U
11U10/14/174:30 PMColts 11U                   15Wildcats 11U         26Portlock PrimaryVikings STM
6UNo GameFF49ers 6U FFRaptors 6UPortlock PrimarySundevils STM Red, Gold
Seahawks Cadet, STM
Cougars  11U
      Cowboys STM
6U10/14/179:00 AMFalcons 6U                   7Sundevils 6U              0TowneBank FieldKings STM
Mightymite/9U10/14/1710:30 AMFalcons 9U                  33Jaguars MM               0TowneBank Field
Mightymite/9U10/14/1712:00 PMRaptors 9U                 25Hurricanes MM         0TowneBank Field
8U10/14/171:30 PMFalcons 8U                 26Hokies  8U                  0TowneBank Field 
11U/Jr Pee Wee10/14/173:00 PMFalcons 11U                60Seahawks JPW          0TowneBank Field 
10U10/14/174:30 PMFalcons 10U                6Cardinals 10U           FFTowneBank Field 
Tinymite10/14/179:00 AMSundevils TM          0Cavaliers 7U           7Virginia Beach Sportsplex 
9U10/14/1710:30 AMSundevils 9U          6Wildcats MM        FFVirginia Beach Sportsplex 
10U10/14/1712:00 PMSundevils 10U        6Hurricanes 10U    30Virginia Beach Sportsplex 
12U10/14/171:30 PMHurricanes 12U      0Vikings 12U            19Virginia Beach Sportsplex 
12U10/14/173:00 PMCardinals 12U         0Spiders 12U (CVAYFC) 21Virginia Beach Sportsplex 
13U10/14/174:30 PMHurricanes 13U      7Spiders 13U (CVAYFC) 0Virginia Beach Sportsplex 
Tinymite/7U10/14/179:00 AMWildcats TM           FFKings TM                 6I. C. Norcom High School 
Tinymite10/14/1710:30 AMSeahawks TM         13Cougars TM            12I. C. Norcom High School 
8U10/14/1712:00 PMCowboys 8U            6Raptors 8U              6I. C. Norcom High School 
13U/Jr Midget10/14/171:30 PMCowboys  JM          0Cougars  13U           39I. C. Norcom High School 
10U10/14/173:00 PMKings 10U               0Raptors 10U             24I. C. Norcom High School 
10U/Cadet10/14/174:30 PMCowboys 10U         649ers CD                  20I. C. Norcom High School 
TinymiteNo GameFFCowboys TMCardinals TM FFI. C. Norcom High School 
12U10/14/17TBDCrimson Tide 12U (CVAYFC)Hokies 12UTBD 
8U10/14/17TBDWarriors 8U (CVAYFC)Vikings 8URappahannock High School 
13U10/14/17TBDWarriors 13U (CVAYFC)Falcons 13UTBD 

Congratulations HRAYFC Family

We are the best Non-Profit Organization of 2017 in the city of Norfolk. This is a very big award all of the hard work and dedication over the years to run a National Competition Youth Football and Cheer organization. But this award is for the Associations, the Participants, the Parents, and all of the Coaches that make this possible. This is our 11th year of Hampton Roads AYF and we are still going strong. So give yourselves a round of applause this award is for you.