Youth Football & Cheer

We would like to Welcome to Hampton Roads American Youth Football and Cheer our new Associations.

From Newport News Virginia the Shutdown 757 Falcons. 


From Virginia Beach Virginia the Virginia Beach Hurricanes.


From Hampton Virginia the Y.A.M (Young American Men) Raptors.


From Virginia Beach Virginia the Winston 49ers.


From Virginia Beach Virginia the Hampton Roads Monarchs.


From Chesapeake Virginia the Southside Vikings

Logo Coming Soon

From Norfolk Virginia the Norfolk Rams.

Logo Coming Soon

Please tell all the people in your Associations
the office hours.   No Prepaid.
So if they paid you you need to
be there to pay the league.

Last Day to add players or cheerleaders  is Thursday Sept. 15, 2016

League Office Hours this week for ID’s for All Players, Cheer, Coaches and Volunteers. Mon. Aug. 29th – Fri. Sept. 2nd

Office Hours:  4:00pm – 8:00pm

Players ID $20.00 With late fee

Cheer ID $20.00 With late fee

Volunteers ID $30.00 With late fee

Cheer Coach ID $30.00 With late fee

Volunteers ID $30.00 With late fee

Football Coaches are $60.00 with all late fees.

We had 3 coaches meeting over the last 2 months on reason you miss all the meeting.

Proof of age
All ID’s in office after this week will have late fee on them. Coaches ID’s are already late forms of identification that we will accept. NO Exceptions!!!!!!!! 

  • DMV ID
  • Military ID
  • Passport


  • Super Tinymite only 4-5 cheer only need (Original Birth Certificate)

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