Coaches and Volunteers Pledge

“Coach a boy as if he is your own son.” ? Eddie Robinson


All administrators and volunteers are bound by the “Pledge,” “Code” and “Standard of Conduct”.

Each game and practice I participate in or administer over will provide me with an opportunity to be a

Champion of Character. I pledge, as an AYF member to accept the five core character values of

American Youth Football and will do my best to represent AYF, my Conference, my Association, my

Team, and myself by: respecting my opponent, the officials, my team, my administrators, coaches,

myself and the game; taking responsibility for my actions in all areas of my life; having the integrity to

stand by my word; providing leadership where I serve others while striving to be a personal and team

leader; and being an example of sportsmanship by holding myself to the highest standards of fair play.

“One athlete of character will improve a team. One team of character will improve a school. One

school of character can impact an entire community.” – Bruce E. Brown

Coaches can make a conscious choice to uphold the best of values. Individual players can make choices

that will define them as athletes. American Youth Football believes in the following five core values.

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Sportsmanship

The five core values can be exemplified as described below:

How an athlete shows LEADERSHIP

  • Selflessness – Teamwork, has the ability to put the team ahead of self in every decision, accepts
    and fulfills a role.
  • Enthusiasm ? Plays for the love of the game, shares it with teammates, brings it everyday.
    How an athlete shows INTEGRITY

  • Integrity
    ? Tells the truth, keeps commitments, does not lie, cheat, or steal, purity of intent.
    Honorable and genuine, being worthy of respect.
    How an athlete shows RESPECT

  • Teachable Spirit
    ? Takes correction as a compliment. Consistently seeks new information. Is eager
    to learn.

  • Work Habits
    ? Commits to hard, productive work. Commits to continuous improvement.
  • Attentiveness ? Listens to coaches and teammates. Concentrates on the task at hand.
  • Confidence ? Quiet, inner feeling based on preparation, not arrogance. Values the work and
    accomplishments of the team – is not arrogant. Shared joy of the inner circle. Does not require or
    expect special treatment. Proud, feels a sense of dignity.
    How an athlete shows RESPONSIBILITYAcademic Progress ? Turns in assignments on time. Assumes responsibility for academic effort.
    Maintains academic eligibility. Covers all responsibilities for any classes missed due to travel.
  • Accountability ? Accepts responsibility for outcomes. Solves problems – does not make excuses.Looks to self first when improvement is needed. Can be counted on by self and teammates.
  • Mental Toughness ? Nothing breaks spirit – stays enthusiastic, confident and positive.
  • Determination ? Is a self?starter, Recovers from mistakes quickly. Accepts and embraces discipline
    for the benefit of the team Exhibits self control on and off the field. Focuses attention and effort.
  • Competitive ? Is determined to work within the rules of the game to be successful. Makes a quick
    recovery from mistakes or misfortune.
    How an athlete shows SPORTSMANSHIP
  • Sportsmanship: Respects the rules and the game. Respects and accepts the judgment of others.Respects opponents as guests and reacts correctly, even when others do not.