Supertinymite Rules


1)    Cut off date for 4  year olds is September 1st, Must be 4 by September 1st.

2)   Player must be 4 -5  but can turn 6 after July 31 of that calendar year to be eligible to play STM. 

3)    45 minutes before game there will be a face-off to show picture ID and league certified stamp in books.

4)    There are no losers in Super Tiny Mite. No Scores is kept. (All kids are winners at this level it’s a teaching process for kids).

5)    Only Coaches and staff on field (No parents will be allowed on field).

6)    Each Head Coach is responsible for crowd control and parents.

7)    Each ORG is responsible for a chain fence or roped off field to ensure safety for football players and cheerleaders.

8)   Super Tiny Mite games days will be Saturdays. 

9)    Regular Season will start on September 13, 2014 and will a 6 game regular season.

10)  No blitzing. (No player over the center or in the A and B Gaps must be heads up on the guards and tackles).

11)  No Weight in’s just check the books to the players.

12)  Penalties, the only penalty enforced will be grabbing of the facemask and Holding.

Facemask 1st time player and coaches must be warned.  2nd time player must sit out 4 plays. 3rd time player ejected from game. (We must  enforce safety for the kids).

Holding is a spot foul dead ball lost of down.

13)  2 timeouts per half.

14)  There must be a center/quarterback exchange for the play to start also there must be a full quarterback cadence down – set – go. (Ball must be snapped like a regular tackle football play).

15)  Every player except the center and two guards is eligible to receive the ball.

16)  Their must be mandatory official water breaks (no exceptions) 1 per half.

17)  Each player must play 4 plays each half for a total of 8 plays.

18)  At the start of the game the ball will be placed at the 10 yard line.

19)  First downs are awarded at the 20 and other 10 yard line of each possession.

20)  If the team with the ball decides to punt, the ball will be placed on the receiving team’s 10 yard line.

21)  Field dimensions are 60 yards length X25 yards width. (Goal-10-20-10-Goal). End zone is 10 yards each.

22)  There must be at least 10 players certified to have a team. (18 players’ max. per team. 10 players’ min. per team). Commissioner has right to change this rule.

 23)  Game time each team must have a min. of 10 players ready at the face-off. Commissioner has right to change this rule. (Any player late can be checked in at halftime).

       8 man football (8 on offense- 8 on defense)

25)  5 man on the line of scrimmage and 3 in the Backfield.

26)  Teach the kids that the whistle means STOP! Practice with a whistle

27)  When the ball is on or inside the defense 10 yard line.

28)  Games length running clock 15 minutes half (2 halfs) no over times.

29)  1 or 2 coaches on the playing field per team.

30)  No fumbles, ball is dead when touches the ground.

31)  Only interception or a strip as long as the ball does not touch the ground the ball can be advanced.

32)  Make sure each player is properly equipped to play.

33)  Games will not start, or will be stopped by harsh weather conditions. (Downpours and Lightning)

34)  Practice days (Monday thru Friday 3 days a week 2 hours max a day)

35)  Coaches that are on the field must be 10 yards away from the last player on the team.

36)  Rules are rules please let’s all follow them. NO EXCEPTIONS

HRAYFC Football Commissioner
Tim Clark