Tinymite Rules | 6U & 7U

HRAYFC Tiny-Mite | 6U  Division RULES  (6-7 Years) (6)

Weights Max 95 Pounds | 6 years and younger

1.) Can play on 80 or 100 yard playing field.

2.) No kickoffs ball is placed on YOUR 35 yard line.

3.) Punts will have a 25 yard walk off out side the 45 yardline.

If you punt inside the 40 the ball will be place on the 20 yardline.

4.A) No fumbles behind the line of scrimmage Dead Ball when it hits the Ground.

4.B) Only interception or a strip behind the line of scrimmage as long as the ball does not touch the ground the ball can be advanced.

4.C) Fumbles Pass the line of scrimmage Live Ball and can be advanced.

5.) Have the option to punt advance the football 25 yards.

6.) Two coaches on the field.

7.) No lining up over center or in the A and B gaps Heads up over guard and tackle.

8.) Only 6 players in the “box” on defense [ No Blitzing]

9.) Regular clock (10-minutes)  4 QTRs

10.A) Only one OVERTIME per Games. Game can end in a Tie.(Reg. Season)

10.B) Playoff or championship games can not end in a Tie they must be finished.

11.) Touch back in the endzone the ball will be place at the 35 yard line.

12.) Coaches that are on the field must be 10 yards away from the last player on the field when the ball is hiked or this is a 5 yard penalty.